New - Constructing a shirt toile for fitting

New at Historical Tailoring Masterclasses this week is a section on putting together a muslin toile to check the fit of your shirt. I was hesitant to add this in, as the fitting is relatively simple and the muslin cotton fabric ended up costing more than the cotton print I chose for the actual shirt itself! But I think it will be useful to those of you who are making a shirt for the first time, to work out all of the trouble areas, and for those who are newer to drafting and unsure how their pattern will fit.

Pleated Front Draft

The last section of the shirt draft on drafting the pleated front is now up. While slightly tricky to wrap your head around, once you figure out the process you can adjust the pleats to any widths to get the shirt style you are looking for. 
Videos on drafting the shirt coming later this week (filming them after lunch!).

Pleated Shirt Draft - Front and Back

The new sections on drafting the front and back of the pleated-front shirt are now up! It's a very easy draft, perfect for beginners. You can check them out here:

Pleated Front Shirt Project

Hello all,

I've just posted the info page and measurement section for the new shirt-making course. The draft itself will becoming out over the rest of the week but I wanted to give everyone a chance to order supplies.

(don't mind the horrid shirt photo, I made that one years ago and will replace it with the new one as soon as it's ready!)